Independent Audit and Certification

Independent audit certification of Keweenaw's environmental and sustainable forestry practices is conducted annually.  A certification rating of "Well Managed" was achieved by the Company in 1994 and remains so through today.  The certification entitles Keweenaw to sell third-party certified products.

The focus of the audit is to provide a qualitative, independent, assessment of the silvicultural, environmental, biological, and social aspects of Keweenaw's forestry practices and operations.  Aspects of the audit include: 

  • Forest security
  • Management planning
  • Sustained yield management
  • Environmental impacts and biological conservation
  • Harvesting operations
  • Community relations
  • Employee relations
  • Economic viability
  • Optimizing forest potential

Development Properties

We are always looking to purchase quality timberland and investment property within the UP of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

Please contact Mark A. Sherman if you have any property for sale.

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