Mission Statement

To our customers:  Provide a consistent and reliable source of high quality forest products, which meet and satisfy market demands.

To our contractors:  Provide opportunities to deliver quality services to the Company throughout the year consistent with best management practices and sustained yield forestry policies.

To our shareholders:  Provide a predictable and appropriate level of return on their investment.

To our employees:  The opportunity for career growth in a positive and enjoyable work environment along with compensation and benefits, which are competitive within our industry and provide continued incentive for excellence.

To our employees’ families:  Recognize the importance of family to each employee and respect each individual’s family needs.

To each other:  Recognize the personal dignity of each individual and that, although we may have different talents, we all contribute in a unique way to the Company’s goals as a team.

To our profession:  Strict adherence to the principles of environmentally-sound, sustained-yield, forest management.

To our community and society:  Commit to helping our communities achieve progress in meeting the needs of individuals within our society.

To ourselves:  Recognize that success is not necessarily defined by money or position, but by happiness and contentment in our daily lives and through growth in our human potential.

Development Properties

We are always looking to purchase quality timberland and investment property within the UP of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

Please contact Mark A. Sherman if you have any property for sale.

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