Product Information

With more than a century of business in Michigan, Keweenaw has become the successful, environmentally-sensitive, forest resource manager and reliable supplier that it is today.

Keweenaw's forests are situated in the "slower growing" Great Lakes region of the United States and produce northern hardwoods of exceptional grain and quality.

Keweenaw prides itself on product quality and quality service.  We utilize highly-qualified and well-trained logging and trucking contractors to ensure maximum product value and consistent delivery in nearly all seasons of the year.

Equally important, Keweenaw's professional forestry staff practices sustainable forest management to guarantee a continuous and increasing product supply without adverse environmental impact.

Dedicated to the sound environmental stewardship of its forest resources, Keweenaw is the first publicly-traded timber management company in the United States to achieve third-party certification.  Our products may be marketed as certified through the appropriate chain of custody.

Keweenaw deals in direct log sales only.  Our veneer logs and sawlogs are used by our customers in the milling of high-grade hardwood veneer paneling, furniture, flooring, and lumber.  In addition, boltwood logs are available for pallet materials.  Hardwood and softwood pulpwood logs are also available.

Development Properties

We are always looking to purchase quality timberland and investment property within the UP of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

Please contact Mark A. Sherman if you have any property for sale.

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