Board of Directors/Officers

Keweenaw Land Association, Limited is organized under Michigan law as a corporation.  Current board members and officers are:

  • Ian Haft, Director
  • Donald J. Hoffman, Director
  • Jan Loeb, Director
  • James A. Mai, Director and Chairman of the Board
  • Marjorie E. Nesbitt, Director
  • Paul Sonkin, Director
  • Steve Winch, Director
  • Brian D. Glodowski, CEO, President, and Secretary
  • Bonita M. Estola, Controller and Treasurer
  • Paula J. Aijala, Assistant Secretary

Board Committees

  • Audit Committee consisting of Directors Ian Haft (Chair), Donald J. Hoffman, and Paul Sonkin
  • Compensation Committee consisting of Directors Jan Loeb, Marjorie E. Nesbitt, and Steve Winch (Chair)
  • Nominating Committee consisting of Directors Ian Haft (Chair), Marjorie E. Nesbitt, and Steve Winch


Lake Superior Cove

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Michigamme River Lots

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Paint River Highlands – North Shore Estates

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