Board of Directors/Officers

Keweenaw Land Association, Limited is organized under Michigan law as a corporation.  Current board members and officers are:

  • Paula J. Aijala, Secretary
  • John D. Enlow, Sr., Director
  • Timothy G. Lynott, Controller and Treasurer
  • Peter C. Madden, Director
  • James A. Mai, Director and Chairman of the Board
  • Mark A. Sherman, President
  • Eric H. Speron, Director
  • Steven Winch, Director


  • Audit Committee consisting of Directors John D. Enlow, Sr. (Chair), Eric H. Speron, and Steven Winch
  • Compensation Committee consisting of Directors Peter C. Madden, Eric H. Speron (Chair), and Steven Winch
  • Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee consisting of Directors John D. Enlow, Peter C. Madden (Chair), and Steven Winch

Development Properties

We are always looking to purchase quality timberland and investment property within the UP of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin.

Please contact Mark A. Sherman if you have any property for sale.

Toll Free: